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Our common stock is listed and traded on the NYSE:American under the symbol "INS". To buy or sell shares of Intelligent Systems common stock, contact your broker. For current stock information as reported on the NYSE:AMERICAN site, click here.

Shareholder Communications

Our Annual Report and Proxy statement are mailed to each shareholder prior to the annual meeting. All shareholder communications and SEC filings are posted promptly on this website. Shareholders wishing to communicate with members of the Board should send a letter to the Secretary of the company with instructions as to which director(s) is to receive the communication. The Secretary will forward the written communication to each member of the Board identified by the security holder or, if no individual director is identified, to all members of the Board of Directors.


To view or download our shareholder and SEC reports or listen to our conference calls,

Annual Report on Form 10K

Letter to Shareholders

Archived SEC filings

Other Filings

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors currently consists of three directors, of which two members are independent. Mr. Strange, Chairman and CEO of the company, is the only member of management on the Board. The Board of Directors has established an Audit Committee and a Compensation Committee, which each consist of two independent directors. The Board does not have a standing nominating committee or charter with respect to consideration of candidates nominated by shareholders. However, it is the Board’s intent to consider any security holder nominees that may be properly and timely put forth. To view our Audit Committee Charter, click here.

The Board has adopted a Code of Ethics which applies to employees at all subsidiaries of the company. To read our Code of Ethics, click on the Code of Ethics button.

Investor Contact

For general questions about our company, contact:

  • Matt White
  • Secretary & Chief Financial Officer
  • Intelligent Systems Corporation
  • 4355 Shackleford Road
  • Norcross, Georgia 30093
  • Telephone: (770) 381-2900
  • Fax: (770) 381-2808
  • e-mail:

Transfer Agent

For issues involving lost certificates, ownership, dividends or address changes, contact:

  • American Stock Transfer and Trust Co.
  • 59 Maiden Lane
  • Plaza Level
  • New York, New York 10038
  • Telephone: (800) 937-5449

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